About chatjy
We are building a software infrastructure and global ecosystem where we enable small and medium companies to grow and manage business smarter, our vision is to help businesses to meet and manage their customers with a full-fledged Customer Relationship Management software. This chatjy software helps the businesses meet their customers where they are-on these messaging platforms-so they are always accessible, personalized and can engage also track in real time.

We help companies have personalized conversations with customers at scale with an easy- to-use Customer Engagement Software that’s built on Whatsapp Business API. Which means you can send personalized notifications from your Chatjy system in a programmatic way through Chatjy’s API.

Small and medium businesses can support their customers through a seamless Customer Relationship Management Dashboards, with Smart Tracking, Canned Responses, and Analytics also support Unlimited Human Agents. Many of these interactions can be automated through No-Code Dialogflow and AI chatbots. Allowing companies to have more engaging conversations with their customers in a smart way means they get more time to do what they love.

Businesses can manage these chats with their customers 24×7 support with a Backend Dashboard. These Chatjy CRM helps the businesses to fill all the communication gaps from converting leads to customers, keeping current customers happy, and solving their queries. Chatjy covers all the use-cases via WHATSAPP.